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Become the tree, strong and empowered, full of your own creativity 🔥✨
Do you suffer to not express fully your own creativity and create Your own art piece that you dream since a long time? No matter you are an artist or not ?

Souffrez vous de ne pas exprimer pleinement votre créativité et de pouvoir créer enfin Votre création artistique que vous rêvez depuis longtemps ? Peu importe que vous soyez artiste ou pas ?

I facilitate you tools from art (all artistic media) and from art therapy to unlock your expression and to allow yourself to create in a intuitive way, organic and unlimited sigular creation.

Je vous transmet des outils artistiques (tout média artistique) et art thérapeutique pour débloquer votre expression et vous permettre de créer de manière intuitive, organique et illimitée votre création singulière.

No technics is expected or required ! Please, join and allow yourself to create a piece of art ⚡️💥🔥

What is Art Therapy

Art therapy is an integrative mental health and human services profession that enriches the lives of individuals, families, and communities through active art-making, creative process, applied psychological theory, and human experience within a psychotherapeutic relationship.

Art therapy is used to improve cognitive and sensorimotor functions, foster self-esteem and self-awareness, cultivate emotional resilience, promote insight, enhance social skills, reduce and resolve conflicts and distress, and advance societal and ecological change.

Holistic tools

. Guided meditation

- Meditation to release your emotions and find your power back.
- Relaxation, pleine consciente.
- Ancrage et libérer la colonne d'air.

. Healing voice

Breathing work, Sound Healing, Rituals, Intuitive Voice to express, Unlock Blockages and Release Fears.

. art-therapeutic

Je vous met à disposition les outils que je maitrise: musique, voix, mouvements, expression scénique, improvisation, écriture et rituels. Composition musicale sur logiciel (ableton) .

Writing, Singing, Body movement, intuitive expression, scenic expression, improvisation and rituals. Composition with sofware (ableton)

. Personal development Tools

- Communication non-violente (CNV- NVC). How to listen your own feeling and express your needs.
Welcome your story and heal it with embracement and compassion.
- Connect to your inner child to heal your past.
- Thérapie et accompagnement à votre rythme.

. Singing and Writing

- Vocal technics, exercices to release, rituals and shamanic songs, improvisation and singing to express freely yourself.
Sing your melody and compose your singular music.

- Write your feelings and emotions. Put on the paper all what you feel and write your singular piece of art.

Empowering and improving yourself

Thanks to my practice and experiences as a singer, a performer, a composer, a writer and a singing teacher and art therapist, I accompagny you at your pace, listening your need in an holistic way.
I guide you to give voice to your full inner power.


– Session 1 on 1 online : 1h to 1h30 ish

– Group Art Therapy : 2h. Express your emotions and sublimate your feelings in a piece of art.

For session and/or group, send an email to music.donoma@gmail.com

All cancellation has to be done 24h before session and group online. After this time the session will be charged.

For session and workshop agenda, check on instagram or facebook

For any question please send an email to: music.donoma@gmail.com

What brings to you the session 1 on 1 and workshop ?

Release your expression and embody your inner Voice.

Walk your own way of life and be fully yourself.

Heal from your past, transform your old pattern to new empowering believes.
Free your expression

Give voice to who you really are. Sing your True Self !
Play with your emotion and create with.

Release your fears !

Compose, write, draw, paint, dance, talk, create your own singular piece of art


You can find more on google reviews. Click on "reviews" above

Linda vK “Laetitia is a great coach. She teaches you how to dive into your emotions and transform your emotions into art. Not only for singers but for everyone!”

Ines Destruhaut “Leticia has so far been the most helpful singing teacher I’ve had the pleasure to meet. Only during my third class she helped me feel embodied in what the power of my voice feels like. Because of her background and experience in art therapy she has the sensitivity to understand where my insecurities are coming from and through the healing of my own voice, she helps me overcoming them. She pushed me to feel confident in what I have to offer and trust that I can have my own, slow or fast, learning time line. I couldn’t be happier to dedicate some time to my almost weekly singing classes with her and I’m looking forward to go further and further in that process! Thank you Leticia”

Coralie Dodds “I wanted to find someone to support me since a while but couldn’t find the right person: when I first met Laeticia, I knew she was gonna help me a lot thanks to her understanding of people and her spiritial approach. They said that when you are following a therapy, you can’t ask from each session to be useful but I can say that each moment with Laeticia helped me to work on my self esteem and self love issues. We were really working together to see the approach that will suit me the best and I am still applying in my everyday life exercises she recommended. Most of all, I appreciate her way to really care about people and trying to find solutions to make sessions accessible in terme of space, time and budget.”

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