Laetitia DONOMA


Music atmospheric, experimental, abstract, organic, tribal and shamanic.

A géométrie variable / Solo & Quatuor with Ludovic Lesage, Elona Hoover, Matthieu Lebrun, Laetitia Donoma.

Laetitia Donoma, is composing, singing, writing, expressing in connection with her inner world and the Universe all around.

Collection of all my music

album Inside/Outside 2018

Enter to the inner universe of Laetitia DONOMA. Inside / Outside, an album organic, atmospheric, ambient, intuitive and sensitive. She invites you to cross your inner space.

The polarities in between the shadow and the light, the death and the rebirth, the lock-in and the freedom, expressed by her voice, her lyrics and her intuitive composition.

EP "DONOMA" 2015

Laetitia DONOMA vous invite à une traversée sensible de vos aires intérieures. De la voix, des textes, de la poésie…sur une musique atmosphérique, onirique et planante.

Un espace où le temps s’étire…nous invitant dans un voyage intérieur et collectif. Des textes en français et en anglais explorent la transformation de l’être autour du rapport aux oppositions, la liberté d’être soi et l’enfermement, l’ombre et la lumière, la mort et la renaissance.


gigs, tour and art residencies


Laetitia Donoma & Valérie Costa

Collaboration during the first lockdown, both of them in their own house in south of France.

Co-création confinée

Laetitia Donoma : voix, composition sonore.

Valérie Costa: dance

Laetitia Donoma & Jrelidal

Co-creation during the first lockdown, online in the south of France. They are expressing their love for Connection and Nature. Showing the gap between our inner nature and Nature, “We are the We of Mother Earth” . 

Laetitia Donoma : voix, composition sonore. 

Jrelidal : texte, voix

Music Improvisation

Sing for Mother Earth

Voice Improvisation in Nature

“Crossing the world I observe, I listen, I feel. To turn a corner in rut, a melody go through me. My voice spreading the dialogue in between the Sacred a I, I sing the heart of life. You are beautiful Mother, there is no word to tell your immensity. With my voice I send you my love, my support and my care. Improvising voice in a morning light.” Laetitia Donoma