a tailor-Made life

What is a tailor-made life ? What is to walk our dreams ? Laetitia Donoma is questioning and interviewing inspiring people about these questions. They share their journey and tools to transform and guide their own personal way to achieve their goals.

Going with the flow - Ad Vlems and Monique Vissers​

Ad Vlems and Monique Vissers, initiators of the Ecodorp Boekel, share with us their own process, way of life and inspirations who built their dream life.

Ad and Monique : https://www.ecodorpboekel.nl/

Links : Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/EcodorpBoekel

The Core Qualities https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/4…

Do or Be - Luke O'connell

Luke O’Connell tells us with heart and honesty his own story and how he transformed within to live his dream life 🔥

Links: Luke : https://www.facebook.com/elemental.fu…

Tools : podcasts – Tim ferris show, Joe Rogan experience, Eckhart Tolle essential teachings, tantra lounge radio.

Apps – headspace app Books – “love and awakening”, “how to be a man” , “letting go” , “emotional intimacy”.

Joe Dispenza meditation and books “you are the placebo”

Going to the path of alignement - Angel Niewzwaag

A powerful interview with Angel Niewzwaag, such a journey !!! Thanks to her open heart for sharing her wisdom about how going to inner fulfilment from a past of abandonment, we dive in so many process and tools who gives us so much way to heal, grow and change.

Book recomondations: -Ayahuasca Javier regueiro (great for ceremonie or diet preperation) 

-Tao tantric arts for women, Minke de Vos  -The tao of pooh, Benjamín Hoff

-The alchemist, Paulo coelho 

Reading now: Wild power, Alexandra pope  (Discover the Magic of Your Menstrual Cycle and Awaken the Feminine Path to Power) 

Youtubepodcasts and meditations: Mooji  (peace and awerness)  Abraham Hicks (letting go of blocked thought patterns)  Tony robbins (manifestation and motivation) 

Watching now: bentino massero 

Teachings : The wim hof method  (why cold water can be helpfull )  Osho ZEN tarot

– card deck : (has given me a lot of insight in the self and also how to name different states and emotions) Ayurveda : How to balance different body types true food, movements and natural remedies. 

The documentary : the last shaman

who you Really are - Daan Gorter

Laetitia Donoma interviews Daan Gorter on his own journey and what is his phylosophy about the life and why we are on Earth.

What is it to create a dream life and what is his expertise and tools sharing with us, with passion, authenticity and open heart.

Daan Gorter from Gaianet https://www.gaianet.earth/

links, books and tools: The way of the superior man by deida https://www.amazon.com/Think-Grow-Ric…

The personal leadership training: https://amethist.nl/